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  1. Style your home like a Mediterranean oasis with Stay Casita

    We all need a place to escape. Whether it’s a quick weekend getaway or a week-long retreat, holidays help reinvigorate our bodies and minds for whatever life throws at us. But what if you could achieve that holiday feeling in your home all year long? The Life Style Edit Founder Heidi Albertiri shares her expert tips for channelling those coastal holiday vibes in the comfort of your very own [...]
  2. Choosing the right dining table for your home

    Like the lounge or the bed, the dining table is a staple in any home. This is the place where you gather to enjoy meals and celebrations, catch up on work, or spend quality time with your friends and family.
  3. Style for the Millions: Get that Holiday Feeling in your Living Room with Simone Mathews (@soulhomeaus)

    Style. It’s something that all of us are looking to achieve in our homes, yet many of us believe that you have to splash out in order to create a chic interior space. Good news: all you need is creativity, patience, and a little help from Lounge Lovers. In our Style for the Millions series, we show you that you don’t need to be a millionaire to achieve a million-dollar look in your home. [...]
  4. Top Interior Design Trends for 2022

    After spending the greater part of the past two years indoors, it’s no surprise that many of us are looking to refresh our homes with a new look and feel. And if you’re looking for inspiration, there’s no better source than the latest interior design trends for 2022 in Australia.
  5. Behind the Design: Lounging on a Cloud

    Ask anyone, and they’ll tell you that the best sofas feel like lounging on a cloud. Sinking into a cloud couch is like sinking into a cocoon where you can relax and unwind after a hard day’s work. A step above the regular sof
  6. Style for the Millions: Creating a Gorgeous Family Home with Raffaela Sofia (@raffaela.sofia)

    Here at Lounge Lovers, we believe style should be for the millions, not just the millionaires. That design-led furniture isn’t just reserved for the lucky few. That everyone deserves to have a beautiful home, regardless of how much they spend.
  7. Trend Alert: Structured style

    We all need a little bit of structure in our lives. Whether it’s at work or at home, having structure keeps us calm, helps us stay grounded, and gives us a sense of much-needed consistency. In fact, having structure and routine in our daily lives can improve focus and productivity levels, and even decrease stress.
  8. Space-saving sofa beds for every home

    Here at Lounge Lovers, we adore pieces of furniture that perform double duty. Whether it’s extendable tables to TV units with added storage, multi-functional pieces allow you to maximise your floor plan while ensuring everyone’s needs are being met in the home. But none are quite as versatile as the humble sofa bed.
  9. How to redecorate your rental (and still get your bond back)

    If you’re amongst the one in three Aussie households that rent, you’ll know the challenges that come from trying to make a house feel like a home. You have to work with an existing floor plan, colour scheme and room layout, which means you have to get a little bit creative if you want to redecorate your space. Here’s the good news: while you can’t necessarily channel Carrie Bradshaw and [...]
  10. Colour of the Year - Special Edition Bronte

    Join the waitlist for our newest collection.
  11. Trend Alert: Coastal Getaway

    With so many of us craving a coastal escape, it’s no surprise that resort-style living is one of the hottest trends for 2022. Discover how to channel holiday vibes in your own home this summer, while keeping it functional, fresh and modern.
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