Jeannett Hojer Bessmann

Jeannett Hojer Bessmann is an award-winning Danish designer who specialises in the creation of high quality, affordable, designer furniture for the Lounge Lovers customer. Jeannett graduated as a furniture designer from TEKO in Herning in 2014 before working as a freelance designer and at a Danish Design Studio before moving to Australia to work with Lounge Lovers.

Responsible for both product design and interior design, including the development of new retail stores, Jeannett is inspired by drawing, painting, museums and travel.

She finds the art of balancing functionality and aesthetic “fascinating” and is constantly working to achieve the best designs at the best price.

Having had her designs presented at nine different exhibitions around the world, the most recent being at the MM Cologne Fair in 2017, Jeannett has won the ILVA Design Award for Customer prize and was nominee at the Selected Design Monat Graz, the Pure Talent Contest Cologne Fair and FSC Design Award.

“As a furniture designer, I aspire to create objects that evoke curiosity, functionality and communicate a story to the observer. I care for the detail in a product and let the craftmanship talk for itself, but I also encourage myself to have a new perspective on design and the process, to develop my creativity and expression as a designer,” she said.

It is for this reason that you can find an array of new products making their way into the Lounge Lovers showrooms, as Jeannett continues on her quest to deliver modern, thought-provoking and long-lasting pieces you will be proud to have in your home.

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