Designer Bone Inlay Furniture

A unique and handcrafted style

Crafted by hand in India using artisan techniques, every piece in our bone inlay collection is designed to make a serious style statement in any space.

Add sophisticated storage to your bedroom with an elegant bone inlay side table or chest of drawers; or create an eye-catching feature in luxe living zones with a striking bone inlay coffee table sideboard, or console table.

Plus, the intricate nature of bone inlay means every piece is a one-of-a-kind, and something to treasure. Learn more about this time-honoured tradition here.


A delicate art
The art of bone inlay is indigenous to India’s Rajasthan region, where each piece takes around a month to make using traditional methods handed from generation to generation. Skilled artisans carefully cut and shape bone fragments, then glue them to timber frames in distinctive patterns and fill the area around them with coloured resin. In the final stage, the product is sanded and buffed to a smooth finish.

Ethically sourced
The timber, camel bone and Mother of Pearl in our bone inlay range are sourced form ethical suppliers. Our bone inlay range is made from the bones of domesticated camels who’ve died from natural causes – and carries official ‘Wild Life Certification’ for your peace of mind.

Care and maintenance
To preserve your bone inlay investment – be gentle. As an organic material, bone inlay is porous, so it’s important to avoid harsh cleaning chemicals, keep it away from direct heat, and to apply a grout sealant if you’re showing it off in a high-traffic area. An occasional wipe with colourless beeswax will keep the resin supply and prevent cracking. To clean, use a lightly moistened lint-free cloth, and dab rather than rub.